From Skadden to Octagon – Scott Gaffield

CABA member Scott Gaffield (Yale, USC, UCLA) has left the Los Angeles office of Skadden Arps to join Octagon as Senior Counsel. Octagon is the world’s largest sponsorship consulting practice and a pioneer and leader in athlete and personality representation and management. With more than 900 employees globally, Octagon manages/influences billions in worldwide sponsorship rights fees and activation and works with hundreds of blue-chip corporate clients, more than 800 Athletes & Personalities clients, and manages more than 5,000 events per year. Leading stakeholders in the sports and entertainment world continue to look to Octagon to provide leadership in understanding fans’ passions and how these insights can build more effective, efficient and measureable marketing programs.

Scott is also a volunteer consultant at the nonprofit organization Bizroots, Inc. which helps inner-city entrepreneurs build, grow and develop successful businesses in the L.A. area.

On behalf of the Canadian American Bar Association – and as a fellow Skadden alumnus – we wish Scott the best in his new career.

David McFarlane

Tonight! Business Networking Event

Toronto Social/Neworking Event TONIGHT (5-8 pm)! Come out to the Martini Bar at the Pantages Hotel in Toronto for some free drinks and mingle with in-house counsel and other members of the Canadian American Bar Association.

Toronto Social Event – August 4th

We have an upcoming social event during the ABA Conference next week in Toronto. On August 4th at the Martini Bar at the Pantages Hotel, from 5-8 p.m. we will host a lively event for our Ontario/NY members and their guests. Please come out and meet other in-house counsel and attorneys with cross-border interests. Free drinks!

If interested please contact or

Madonna, CABA, L.A. & Toronto

Come meet Los Angeles Deputy D.A. Rhonda Saunders (prosecutor of stalkers of celebrities like Madonna, Speilberg etc) and the Canadian Consul General at the Canadian American Bar Association’s (CABA) Social Networking Mixer at the City Club (downtown L.A.) on Thursday July 21st from 6:30-9:30.It’s only $15 for members and $20 for non-members ($25 at door) for free drinks, great food and the best views of L.A. Co-hosted with Canadians Abroad.

In Toronto, we have an upcoming event during the ABA Conference. On August 4th at the Martini Bar at the Pantages Hotel, Toronto, from 5-8 p.m.we will host a lively event for our Toronto members and their guests. This one is free! Come on
out, bring a friend and mix with attorneys from the Canadian American Bar Association and American Bar Association members.

If interested in the LA event please contact
If interested in the Toronto event please contact or

Canadian Consul General – CABA Networking Event

Los Angeles Social Networking Event – The Consul General of Canada will be speaking to CABA and our sister group Canadians Abroad as we host a joint event at the City Club (top floor of Wells Fargo Building, near Disney Concert Hall, Grand Ave) in downtown Los Angeles this Thursday July 21 6:30-9:30. Tickets are $15 in advance or $25 at the door. Free drinks and great food and the best view in Los Angeles!

If interested, please contact me and I will add you (and your guests) to the list for $15 (non-members $20). Flat parking rate under the Wells Fargo Building that evening of $8. Great deal for downtown LA!


David McFarlane
President, CABA

Canadian/American Attorneys – Business/Social Events

To all of the members of the Canadian American Bar Association (CABA), Happy Canada Day/Independence Day Weekend!!!

We have several upcoming social/business networking events in the U.S. and Canada that you will want to attend and meet other attorneys who are in-house, in private practice or government. We also have several other matters to report, including our open membership to Canadian attorneys with an American affiliation and our sponsorship of numerous Canadian and American law firms.


Last week CABA sponsored an event at the Canadian Consul General’s Residence in Los Angeles to celebrate Canada Day and a new Cirque du Soleil Los Vegas type showed opening up in LA for a multi-year run at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles (home to the Academy Awards). Pictures from the event will be posted on our website at We had a good turn out from local members.


On Thursday August 4th CABA will sponsor, at the Martini Bar at the Pantages Hotel in Toronto, a social event of CABA members and their guests from 5-8 p.m. ( The event coincides with the ABA conference being held in Toronto that week and we are looking forward to getting a good turn-out from ABA members as well. If any law firm is interested in co-hosting the event, please write to me at The event is free so come on out! Hosts are CABA’s Canadian Representative Daniel Bourque (Senior Corporate Counsel and Chief Privacy Officer, Xerox Canada) and CABA Treasurer and Secretary Sarah Robertson (Partner, Dorsey & Whitney LLP, New York). Further information can be obtained from Sarah at


On Thursday July 21, at the City Club in downtown L.A. (down the street from the Disney Concert Hall), CABA and Canadians Abroad will be hosting a wine and heavy appetizers event for both groups. The best views of Los Angeles and Hollywood can be seen from this top floor of the Wells Fargo Center. Tickets at $15 can be obtained through the Canadians Abroad website ( or contact me at

NEW YORK CITY and COSTA MESA (Orange County)

We are planning social/networking events in NYC and Costa Mesa California this fall. Further information to follow.


Congratulations to Valerie Lynn Hanna who wrote, produced and starred in the short film “Jinx No More” which won an Award of Excellence as well as Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Screenplay prizes in the television category of the LA Movie Awards II!!! The film also received an Award of Merit from the Accolade International Film and Television Awards in the short film category. Valerie currently resides in Los Angeles and runs her own law practice.


We are sad to report the death of one of our members. Keith Kuhn was born on September 26, 1957 in Buffalo, NY and passed away November 15, 2010 in Seattle, WA. Keith was an attorney with the firm Lee Smart, PS, Inc. and was admitted to the Bars of B.C., Ontario, New York and Washington. He attended McMaster University (B.A. 1979) and U.B.C Law (L.L.B. 1993). Keith is survived by his wife Nicole, and children Ethan, Naomi, Levi and Asher. An education fund for his 4 children has been established and donations can be made to the “Keith J. Kuhn Memorial Fund” at any US Bank Branch.


To date CABA has 13 law firm sponsors and one law school (Dalhousie). Since our last announcement Gowlings, Gilberts, McMillan, Miller Canfield and Stikeman Elliott have joined to sponsor us. Corporate sponsorships are $300 annually and provide 4 free attorney memberships plus promotion with your logo and link on our website and materials. For further information please see our website at


CABA sponsors an annual $500 essay competition that is open to any law student in Canada or the U.S. as well as articling students in Canada. If any law firm is interested in co-sponsoring the prize, the award will reflect that sponsorship. If interested please contact me at


As members please feel free to post on our website – articles, notices, job opening, board appointments, promotions, law firm news, awards etc. In checking your personal profile on our website, if you notice that the information (or your picture) is out of date, please contact me and I will have it updated. Please note that only members who have currently paid their $35 annual due (or are a member of a law firm who is one of our co-sponsors) will have access to the members area starting August 1, 2011.

Enjoy the holiday weekend!!

David McFarlane – President, Canadian American Bar Association

Supreme Court of Canada Clerk – CABA Member

Congratulations to CABA member Stephanie Lafrance for her appointment as Incoming Law Clerk to the Honorable Mr. Justice Ian Binnie at Supreme Court of Canada!!!

Stephanie will be starting with the SCC in September 2011. Justice Binnie has recently announced his retirement from the Court so unless his time is extended during the nomination process, Stephanie may be Clerking for another Judge as well during her time at the Court.

Best wishes Stephanie from all of us at CABA – and, as a former Partner at Osler Hoskin & Harcourt, from Oslers too!

David McFarlane
President, Canadian American Bar Assocation

Immigrants are said to cost Canada too much!!

By Véronique Malka, Canada-US immigration lawyer

On May 17, 2011 the Frasier Institute, a public policy Think Thank in Canada, published a study about immigration claiming, as its headline, that immigrants to Canada cost the country 23 Billion per year. The report says newcomers pay about half as much in income taxes as other Canadians, but absorb nearly the same value of government services, costing taxpayers roughly $6,051 per immigrant and amounting to a total annual cost of somewhere between $16.3-billion and $23.6-billion.  This report is being criticized already as telling only one side of the story.

From my perspective, the study is flawed in that it groups all immigrants to Canada.  As an immigration lawyer, I see first-hand how there are many different types of immigrants to Canada.  You have the skilled workers who come to the country though a very narrow and carefully designed selection process, often with a job secured already.  These newcomers have money saved up, are well educated, and begin to pay taxes and integrate to Canadian society immediately.  Their children, whether born abroad or in Canada, can be expected to follow in their parents’ footsteps, which means to secure college education and go to work.  Thus, this trajectory does lend itself to the argument addressed by the Frasier report that children of immigrants are expected to “pay” Canada back for their parents’ reliance on the system.

On the other hand, another major category of immigrants to Canada are refugee claimants.  These immigrants, which Canada has an obligation to accept and subsidize (at least preliminarily), may or may not have a high level of education.  They often come from war-torn countries, where most of their recent years were spent in political activism, leading them to fear for their lives and flee their native land.  Upon arrival to Canada, these newcomers are immediately heavily reliant on the social system, from shelters to house them, to cultural centers to orient them, they take English or French classes, and even seek medical care to help them recover from their possible injuries.  They land in a completely new social order, adapting to the racial discrimination of the modern west, all the while trying to make a new life for themselves.  This often results in them not working and relying on welfare.  Should they work, they end up in low level blue collar jobs that may not rely on basic language skills (e.g. pumping gas).  Unlike the children on skilled immigrants, children of refugees may not necessarily be expected to go far beyond their parents’ accomplishments in Canada, nor repay the country for its help.

I believe that any study looking at the impact of immigrants to the economy and social landscape of Canada must distinguish between the different immigrant streams.   Very different and surprising findings could result from this approach.


David McFarlane Elected President of the Canadian American Bar Association (The Recorder, Nov. 24, 2010)

David McFarlane has been elected the 2011 president of the Canadian American Bar Association.CABA is an association of U.S. lawyers with strong ties to Canada: They are Canadian citizens,permanent residents of Canada and/or graduates of a Canadian university or law school. McFarlane joined Snell & Wilmer as counsel in September to help expand the firm’s downtown Los Angeles office. He focuses his practice on employee benefits, executive compensation and human resources law and graduated in 1986 from University of Windsor Law School in Ontario, Canada.

You can see the full article here.



CBS General Counsel Jonathan Anschell Presented with 2010 John D. Lawson Award

Jonathan Anschell awarded 2010 John D. Lawson Award at reception hosted by the Canadian American Bar Association and law firm Snell & Wilmer at the firm’s Los Angeles office on November 15, 2010. Pictured above, from left: David McFarlane (President-elect, Canadian American Bar Association), Jonathan Anschell (CBS Television Executive V.P. & General Counsel), and Marko R. Zoretic (President, Canadian American Bar Association). Photo courtesy of Daily Journal.

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