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Law School: McGill University, Faculty of Law, Montreal, Quebec, Canada L.L.B.

School: McGill University, Faculty of Law, Montreal, Quebec, Canada B.C.L.

School: McGill University - Faculty of Arts, Montreal, Quebec, Canada Major: Anthropology

State/Provincial Admissions: Ontario; New Jersey

VERONIQUE MALKA is the only known immigration lawyer in the U.S.A. who dedicates her practice to Canadian immigration. She is a Canadian attorney from Ontario, Canada, with a license of Foreign Legal Consultant from the Supreme Court of New Jersey.

Veronique is a native of Montreal, Quebec. She obtained a Bachelor of Civil Law (B.C.L.) and a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) at McGill University in 1993. She clerked at the Quebec Court of Appeal and worked as a researcher for the Canadian Jewish Congress on the Supreme Court issue of prosecution of Nazi war criminals. She also worked as law student in London, England.

After being called to the Bar in Ontario in 1995, Veronique worked for over a decade in the fields of family law and immigration, in Toronto. She received special training at the Canadian Human Rights Commission and served for several years as Reconsideration Officer for the Ontario Human Rights Commission.

In 2005, Veronique moved to the U.S.A. and helped develop our global immigration platform by establishing a Canadian Immigration Division at NPZ Law Groups. Originally set up to assist our firm’s corporate clients with cross-border issues into Canada, the Canadian Division has seen great success from clients seeking out a vast array of Canadian immigration services. Companies of all sizes, ranging Fortune 500 to sole proprietorships, consult Veronique and her Canadian team to find the quickest and most economical solutions to manage their cross-border employment issues. Veronique is known for her keen legal instincts and quick understanding of people’s needs. She thinks outside the box, which has led her to this unique position of being a Canadian lawyer with a practice outside of Canada.

In addition to Canadian immigration, Veronique handles international cases of children abducted under the Hague Convention. She appears on TV and radio in Canada and the U.S.A. She writes and blogs regularly on key global topics of mobility and international child abductions.

Veronique works out of our Ridgewood and New York City offices, and can meet clients on short notice in Montreal and Toronto. She speaks English, French and Spanish fluently. She shares her life with her husband and children in New Jersey, while enjoying hobbies of painting, writing and life coaching for stepfamilies.

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