2010 Law Student Essay Competition Announced

The competition is open to all students currently enrolled in law school in the United States or Canada.  The essay must be the student’s original, unpublished work.

Prizes and Publication
1st place: $500.  2nd place: $100.

The two winning articles will be published on the Canadian American Bar Association website.

Essay Topic
Compare U.S. and Canadian law in an area of law of your choice.

The essay must not exceed 2000 words (including endnotes, no footnotes).  Include citations and endnotes where reasonably appropriate in order to aid readers.  Do not include your name or any other identifying information anywhere in your entry.  Submit your entry as a PDF or Microsoft Word file.  Submissions that fail to conform with these rules will be disqualified.

E-mail your entry to president@canambar.com by March 7, 2010.  In your e-mail, include your name, law school, year of study, mailing address, and phone number (do not include this information anywhere in your essay).

By submitting an essay in this contest, the entrant grants the Canadian American Bar Association the permission to edit and publish the essay on its website.

The essays will be evaluated by a committee of Canadian American Bar Association members on the following criteria: clarity of the analysis; quality of the analysis and research; quality of writing, including organization, grammar, syntax, and form. Neither the contestant’s identity nor their academic institution will be known to the committee. The winner will be announced in March 2010.

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