California State Bar Litigation Executive Commitee – Openings

Dear Colleagues,

I write as the Chair of the State Bar’s Litigation Section Executive Committee to invite and encourage you and your colleagues to apply for appointment to one of the open seats on the Executive Committee for the 2012-2013 term. Applications are being accepted until February 1, 2012. We are sending this e-mail to you because you are listed as the contact for your association with the State Bar.  We encourage you to share this e-mail with your members, and to encourage applications by your association’s membership.

Each year, the Litigation Section makes a special and concerted effort to solicit applications from as diverse a pool of California attorneys as possible. We recognize the immense value of having a diversity of perspectives and backgrounds represented on the Executive Committee. And by better reflecting our membership and the community we serve, we can more effectively implement programs to benefit all California lawyers and Californians generally.

The Executive Committee comprises 15 attorney members as well as over a dozen judicial and attorney advisors. The Executive Committee oversees all aspects of the Litigation Section (the State Bar’s largest section with nearly 10,000 active members), including with respect to rules and legislation affecting litigation in California, the publication of California Litigation Review, Litigation Magazine and Litigation Update, the Legal London exchange program, the Law Suits charity program, and much more. Membership on the Executive Committee offers a valuable opportunity to become involved with the statewide Bar, contribute to the community, and network with attorneys, judges, and others involved in the legal profession. We have enjoyed our time on the Committee both for the professional benefits and the personal friendships. We highly recommend the experience.


More information about the Litigation Section can be found at:


Application information and forms are available on the bar’s website at:




Again, please share this letter and application with your colleagues who might be interested. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. I welcome your call.


I wish you and yours all the best of the holidays and a very prosperous new year,
Best wishes,

Michael A. Geibelson

December 16, 2011 |
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